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Peace and Blessings!

Welcome to the "I Am More Than A Scarf" international social movement. 


Mission: The mission of IAMTAS is to create a social community and network of diverse muslimahs that empower Muslim women and girls by showcasing our Uniqueness. We don't all think the same, even though we share the same faith. 


We aim to change the narrative. Who speaks for Muslim women? Who advocates for us? Who tells our stories? Who inspires us? The answer should simple be "We Do!"  By creating our own visuals and telling our own stories via a digital magazine, this authentic view gives a true representation of a Muslimah in real time, while dispelling the myths and stigmas associated with the Muslim women.  We aim to educate, foster community and fellowship in our communities worldwide, while providing a platform for Muslim women to freely express themselves.  


We are turning up the mic for women that are seen and scarcely represented outside of their own local communities.  Our women are vocal, active, passionate and inspiring! 


Be inspired! Because we are MORE than a scarf! We invite you to delve into the many layers that are the Muslim Woman!

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